When evaluating a service, comparing apples to apples is doing a yourself a disservice.

Starting with a comprehensive assessment leaves us with an understanding of your process, your people, and your goals...

An understanding of your business today, and tomorrow.

Much more profound than a line by line assessment… our process begins with an interview. Bring in your key people, and watch the interaction weave into a much better, clearer understanding of your needs.

By the next meeting, and the first vendors introduction, you will see how targeted and accurate the candidates are. By the end of the buying process, we find you a partner AND a solution.

Our Process

Developed in a real world environment by executives at top industry performers like Calvin Klein, Donna Karen, and CapGemini (Leading Global ERP Consulting Firm), Our Selection Process gets you the right system at the right price.

Here’s a bit of what’s involved in a decision… and where we can help:


Critical to the decision process, your platform choice could impact both your costs and abilities of the system you deploy. Something you may not need today could be another sunk cost down the road.


Databases, Operating Systems, all the incredibly important technical nuances you wish you were just given the answer to… well… good news.


Software as a Service is making a big difference for companies in today’s environment. Is it right for yours?

Do you have or plan to have other applications that should be sharing information? PLM/PDM, etc… NOW is the time to plan for it.

Data Migration

We know the gotchas… and one of them is getting your data (style master, etc.) into the new system.

Think it’s simple? Guess again… this causes the most severe delays, if not project abandonments.

Maintenance Inclusions

What will you count on your vendor for? Where are the hidden costs? Our process uncovers them all and helps you plan and negotiate better.

Resource Requirements

We know what it takes, whose job it is, and how long it should take… armed with that information, your deployment is incredibly effective.

Contract Negotiation

Knowing industry pricing isn’t a perk… it’s Leverage. Working closely with vendors and customers lets us keep your costs low. 

Deployment Oversight

Change management is critical, from coordinating between your people and the vendor to setting and meeting realistic deadlines, we make this process smooth and powerful… not only avoiding business interruption but hitting new traction expeditiously.

Needs Analysis

Identifying what’s critical, presenting it to a vendor, and making them commit to it prior to getting paid is a strong area for eData whether through RFP or otherwise. 

Cost Offsetting

eData excels at offsetting cost through cost reduction of your current services. eData can save as much as 70% annually on EDI costs, creating savings years after your system has been paid for. 

Still not convinced… voila!

Selected Areas Highlighted and Scored via our Copyrighted Process 

Sample Core Business Processes Evaluated


  •   Order & Inventory Management & Execution
  •   Planning, Forecasting & Replenishment
  •   Warehouse Operations & Systems
  •   Perpetual Inventory
  •   Master Data Management 
  •   Enterprise Reporting
  •   Supply Chain Event Management
  •   Finance
  •   Promotions Planning
  •   Price Management
Each category above is further broken up to evaluate more than ‘Do You Do That’… but whether or not it fits your process well, reports well, shares information and interacts well with other applications… and enhances your capabilities per your business transformation agenda.

Once core elements have been met, eData assesses both your desired business transformation as well as the cultural compatibility of the vendor… solidifying a long term relationship with clarity up front.

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