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What can eData Technologies help you with?

Intimate industry knowledge and strategic vendor relationships allow eData Technologies to deliver the right advice on systems, software, and services not only industry leading pricing, but the flexibility your business needs in this demanding financial climate. We welcome you to demo our services, speak with our technical staff as well as our clients. 
In an economic downturn… when there’s less money being spent at retailers… the hardest hit sectors are manufacture and distribution… that’s when watching expenses and conserving cash becomes most crucial. That’s where we thrive, that’s where we can help. Couple that with a growth strategy leveraging technology, that’s what makes us a partner. We’ve done this for the biggest names over the last 40 years… on their staff, and on their behalf.

EDI Services 

With the most comprehensive industry offering set and compelling pricing , Our Best of Breed VAN Services Offerings go far beyond simple savings…We give you flexibility, cost effectiveness, and quality without compromise… 

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ERP Selection 

Unmatched industry experience, relationship & resource…We are a Full Range Advisory & Implementation Practice. Our experts have a track record of performance for the biggest brands in manufacture, distribution and retail.

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Software & Analytics 

We work with clients to deliver strategic software to lower operation expenses and increase the value of the data being shared. Whatever your business needs are, we recommend you check with us first… chances are, we’ve can deliver it at a better price.

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