So what do you do with a leading professional group?

Just over a decade ago, eData Technologies, LLC was formed as an EDI consulting house, leveraging its niche experience to assist clients in choosing appropriate vendors and servcies. 

What makes eData different is who we are… we’re a group of:

  • Industry experts
  • C-Level technology and operational executives 
  • ERP design & deployment specialists
  • Former EDI VAN Executives 
For over 40 years our experts have done for household names what we’re proposing to do for you… and every time we work with a client, that’s what we bring to the table.  

In an economic downturn, when there’s less money being spent at retailers, the hardest hit sectors are manufacture and distribution. That’s when watching expenses and conserving cash becomes most crucial. That’s where we thrive, that’s where we can help.

Our job, simply put, is to apply the right amount of technology to put our clients in a position where as a business they have the tools they need in their current environment, with a flexible roadmap to do business better today and tomorrow.

What makes us a good service provider is the technology we represent… what makes us a good partner is how far we can take it… what we can do to make it more meaningful to your business. How can we help you grow, drive costs out of the business, and shorten your time to value with any technology you introduce. 

Our Director

Getting the best price for best of breed services, with the best terms isn’t something you see everyday… unless you spend everyday here… We’ve spent years developing the best partner network in the business, and make sure the services are delivered on your terms."
~ Steve Ayzen
Managing Director
eData Technologies

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